DOLLICIOUS With Love&Passion

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DOLLICIOUS With Love&Passion

20 vuotta rakkaudesta rotuun




Welcome to DOLLICIOUS world!

Dollicious ragdolls started in 2001 when our first ragdoll queen FíFe EC FIN* Kattenbergs Apple Pie moved to our home. Within 2 months from that I got my prefix and since then I have had ragdolls. Olivia "Omppu", was a seal colorpoint who we waited for a long time from her breeder because in the beginning of this century there were only few ragdoll breeders in Finland. Our next female FíFe GIC S* Escareceo's Adrenaline, Lilli, a seal bicolor beauty, moved to Finland from Sweden in 2002. These ladies were our first ragdolls and with these ladies I started my active breeding in 2003, when they both got their first litters.

Many years has gone by, Olivia and Lilli have already passed away but I'm very happy that after many years these both girls are behind on one of my females' pedigree to cherish the beginning of Dollicious story.

During the years I've imported ragdolls, both males and females, from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, USA, Bulgaria and Romania. Some of the Dollicious offsprings lives in Poland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia.

I'm a active board member, show secretary and secretary in FINTICAt cat club and also help with the shows in ESTICAT cat club in Estonia and FIRE and ICE cat club in Sweden. I enjoy shows a lot and some of my cats are shown abroad too. I breed ragdolls in every pattern in seal, blue, red, cream, torties and with or without lynx. I would like to have also chocolates and lilacs, but they are quite rare. Time will show will they be part of Dollicious breeding.

I do co-work with many breeders in Finland and abroad to keep my genepool wide. I use only healthy, friendly and laid back ragdolls in my breeding program. Our ragdolls live indoors and kittens are raised underfoot with tender, love and care from their birth untill they are 15 week old. My aim is to keep up the spririt and look of the real ragdoll!


Dollicious breeding cats are tested:

FelV, FIV and HCM DNA negative

and HCM, PKD and CIN clear with ultrasound

All my breeding cats are bloodgroup A


Dollicious kitten is:

Ready to move @ 15 weeks fully vetted

Abroad @ 4 months with passport and rabies

Kittens are vaccinated twice with PUREVAX RCP

(vaccine against feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirosis and feline panleucopenia)


Pet quality kittens are also early neutered/spayed

Registered in TICA

Dollicious kitten has always 2 year health guarantee for genetic kidney and heart deseases.


Don't hesitate to ask for more information!


Enjoy your stay on my pages!

Riikka Hintikka